About me

Hermann Unterwurzacher

Born: 6.11.1971 in Kuchl, Austria

Living in Vienna


 2008-2011 Producer: Goldiloxx Electric soulbullets”/Vienna

     HerU Faces“/Vienna

     Elga Shafran/Vienna

Composer: A Geh Wirklich Schweinehund“/Vienna
2011 Producer: Pete o Brian/Australia

     Anara Sara/London

Co-producer: Redstaar/London

Songwriting with Roger Penkethman/GB

2012 Producer: Ross Candy „Start over again“(participant of X- Factor in GB 2006)

     Stanley Gadagah/London

Composer: Spectacular five/München

2013 Collaboration with Fallen Highway Studios/ Australia

(with Producer: Stuart Epps(Led Zeppelin, Robbie Williams, Elton John, ..))

Producer: Sophie Way/London

                  Sandra MUSO Barrenscheen/Braunschweig

 E-Guitar on Lukas Plöchl(Trackshittaz) Song Du bist aunders“/ Austria

2014 Producer: Angie Turnball/London

2015 Composer: Vixen Noir „Dangerous“/ San Francisco

2016 Composer: Vixen Noir „Tightrope“/San Francisco

       (with producer: Big Chris(Slash, P.Diddy, MTV Awards,…))

Producer: Sienna Go!/Wales

2017 Producer: Winnick/Melbourne

Producer: Luisa Twist/London

2018 Film and TV Compositions

2019 Additional songs for Daily Dose7/8 and Daily Emotion1 compilations

2020 New album coming soon